Incentives, rebates, & loans


Incentives & rebates

  • Bioenergy Optimization Program
    Convert your company’s waste streams and by-products into fuel that produces useful heat and power.
  • Building Envelope Program
    Upgrade your building’s envelope, including air barriers, insulation, windows, and doors, to reduce air leaks, and heating and cooling loads.
  • Custom Measures Program
    Electrical and natural gas savings and measures custom-designed for commercial buildings.
  • Enhanced Building Operations Program
    Identify energy conservation opportunities with short payback periods, which will help return commercial buildings to their top intended performance.
  • Geothermal Program
    Cut your heating, cooling, and water heating costs and increase comfort with energy efficient and environmentally friendly geothermal heat pumps.
  • HVAC Program
    Reduce maintenance and operating costs through the use of energy efficient heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.
  • Kitchen Appliances Program
    Upgrade your commercial steamers and fryers to qualify for rebates.
  • Lighting Program
    Tips and incentives to install the most appropriate energy efficient lighting in renovation projects.
  • Natural Gas Optimization Program
    This custom program promotes energy efficiency through the optimization of process related natural gas-fired equipment and systems. Technical support and financial incentives are offered for feasibility studies as well as implementation.
  • Network Energy Management Program
    Rebate available for eligible software programs that manage personal computer energy use.
  • New Buildings Program
    Design, build and operate your new building to Power Smart standards; we offer technical guidance and financial incentives.
  • Parking Lot Controllers Program
    This program is no longer accepting applications. Customers with approved projects have until March 31, 2018 to complete their applications.
  • Performance Optimization Program
    Increased energy efficiency through the optimization of electro-technology processes and motor-drive systems. Technical support and financial incentives are offered for feasibility studies as well as implementation.
  • Power Smart Shops
    Small, independent businesses can reduce their energy and water consumption to save money and energy.
  • Refrigeration Program
    A variety of incentives for retail stores and restaurants to make energy efficient equipment upgrades.
  • Solar Energy Program
    Install a solar photovoltaic system and receive $1 per eligible watt – applications will be accepted until April 30, 2018.
  • Water & Energy Saver Program
    Free water and energy-saving devices and installation are available for multi-unit residential buildings. Save water, energy, and money on your water heating bill.

Low-cost and no-cost evaluations and programs

  • ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager
    Measure and track energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Benchmark the performance of 1 building or a whole portfolio of buildings.
  • Energy efficiency screening studies
    These studies are offered to industrial facilities at no cost to address energy efficiency potential and to identify Power Smart saving opportunities. Power Smart Lean is an additional service offered to companies who have adopted lean manufacturing principles. Commercial Buildings should start by completing an energy saving Opportunities Questionnaire (PDF, 307 KB) which will help identify opportunities, programs and incentives that provide the greatest value.
  • Engineering studies
    • Eco-efficiency Solutions Program
      Make improvements that will lead to enhanced productivity by accessing the technical expertise and financial assistance under this program.
    • Lighting studies
      Large business customers work with an expert to identify energy saving opportunities and productivity improvements associated with lighting.
  • Recreation facilities evaluation
    Work towards reducing your facility’s operating costs by completing our survey. We’ll review and provide you with a report that includes potential energy saving measures.

Energy saving measures

  • Agricultural heat pads
    Heat pads consume 70% less power than traditional heat lamps and have lower annual energy and maintenance costs.