Maintenance for systems & equipment

Maintaining your electric systems and equipment is important to ensure your operations are uninterrupted. To extend the life of electrical equipment and increase reliability, schedule a regular maintenance plan for your high voltage equipment and lines.

High voltage equipment maintenance

We provide expertise on a contract basis for the installation, maintenance, and repair of high voltage and auxiliary equipment. We perform similar work on our own oil-filled apparatus.

Maintenance work can be performed during scheduled plant down-times (evenings or weekends).

Infrared scanning

Infrared scanning is used to scan building envelopes, electrical components and connections for excess heat. When there is a presence of heat, this indicates resistance. This resistance is usually related to failing components, poor connections, corrosion, load imbalance and harmonics.

Many benefits can be derived from infrared scanning including:

  • locating potential problems prior to plant start up;
  • reduced downtime and emergency repairs;
  • minimized scheduled maintenance times;
  • extended equipment life;
  • permits the evaluation and verification of repair work;
  • prevention of accidents, personal injury, and property damage.

High voltage line maintenance

We maintain energized distribution systems up to 25 kV and transmission systems up to 500 kV. We test, replace, and maintain all aspects of high voltage line equipment.

As a utility, we are responsible for the maintenance and installation of street lighting and underground work.

Some of our services include:

  • high voltage line engineering;
  • tower structure assembly and repairs, footing and anchoring;
  • trenching and burying power lines in ice-prone areas;
  • inspecting power lines of all voltages by ground and air line patrols to identify and prevent potential problems;
  • line work, including maintenance of high voltage power fuses, and repair or replacement of defective line or station switches;
  • wood pole structure maintenance, defective insulator replacement, line relocation.