Energy benchmarking & services

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We offer a variety of low-cost and no-cost services that will help measure, track, and reduce the amount of energy that your business uses.

  • ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager
    Measure and track energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Benchmark the performance of 1 building or a whole portfolio of buildings.
  • EnerTrend
    Large industrial and commercial customers can measure and track energy consumption through energy profiles created specifically for your business.
  • OilTrack
    Realize the benefits of regular oil analysis, predict mechanical/electrical failures, take proactive/preventative measures to avoid equipment/oil degradation, failure, and unscheduled downtime. Regular testing may be part of your insurance requirements.
  • Energy management engineering service
    Identify low-cost measures and create an energy management plan that will lead to enhanced productivity.
  • Power quality
    If you are planning a new upgrade or additions to your facility, you must meet our Power Quality Interconnection Requirements.