Performance Optimization Program

The Power Smart Performance Optimization Program provides industrial and large commercial customers with the technical support and financial incentives that are necessary to identify, investigate, and implement system efficiency improvements throughout a facility.

The program promotes energy efficiency through the optimization of 3-phase electrical power end-use systems including compressed air, pumps and fans, industrial refrigeration, process heating, electro-chemical processes, and plant-wide energy management systems. The result is lower operating costs and improved system performance.

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Manitoba Hydro Helps CN Install a Load Management System

Find out how we worked with CN to set up a network of meters that helps them track energy use and reduce costs.

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Improved performance of a system/process within your facility provides many energy and non-energy related benefits that include:

  • increased system efficiency/reduced energy consumption;
  • greater reliability/reduced maintenance;
  • improved financial performance;
  • reduced environmental impact.

Variable speed drive incentives

A variable speed drive (VSD) can reduce your energy consumption and save money. A project application form must be completed before equipment is purchased to determine if the project qualifies for an incentive.

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