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You’re about to join hundreds of thousands of people who rely on renewable electricity and clean-burning natural gas provided by and for Manitobans. This page will walk you through how to set up an account for the first time.

Start your service

Applying for service is easy with our online application form. If you’re already a customer and you want to transfer or stop service, learn how to start, stop or move service.

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Move-in meter reading

When you move into your property, you’ll need to submit a meter reading. Have your meter number ready and select “Initial (Moving In)” under "Select Reading Type".

Need help finding your meter number? Check out how to read meters.

Once we receive readings from you and the previous account holder, we’ll process your application within two weeks and send you a link to activate your online account. You’ll usually get your first energy bill 45-60 days after your application has been processed.