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Power Smart Water & Energy Saver Program

Up to 12 per cent of your energy bill can be from heating your water. Install Power Smart low-flow plumbing devices in your home to reduce both water and energy consumption.

Through our Power Smart Water and Energy Saver Program, we offer free Power Smart Water and Energy Saver Kits that will help you save water and energy, while reducing your carbon footprint. Each kit contains:

  • 1–2 low-flow showerheads;
  • 2 low-flow faucet aerators;
  • 3 metres of water heater pipe wrap;
  • Teflon tape;
  • refrigerator/freezer thermometer.

The Water and Energy Saver Kit can save you approximately $30 a year on your residential energy bill. How to take part.

Power Smart low-flow standards.