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Funding guidelines

Donations and sponsorships may be provided to community organizations that support our business and operational objectives:

  • endeavours that benefit the community and our customers, employees, and stakeholders by improving the quality of life;
  • encourage and support the community-minded efforts and involvement of our employees;
  • provide a strategic opportunity to support key business objectives or deliver a corporate message to key audiences.

Preference will be given to initiatives that are provincial or regional in scope. Submissions for donation and sponsorship support must be received a minimum of 75 days prior to the event. Review times vary depending on the size, scope, and nature of the request. You can help reduce the review timeline by providing complete and accurate documentation. Due to current financial restraints, our funding is limited.

Funding exclusions include, but are not limited to:

  • individuals/organizations supporting an individual;
  • for-profit initiatives or organizations;
  • religious organizations (a community program run by a religious organization may be considered);
  • labour groups;
  • political ventures, groups, or parties;
  • private schools;
  • school or community-based sports teams;
  • non-Canadian-based charities;
  • travel, accommodation, or meals;
  • daycares;
  • day-to-day operating expenses;
  • debt reduction;
  • capital campaigns;
  • endowments;
  • multi-media productions;
  • core government-funded initiatives;
  • golf tournaments;
  • fundraising activities relating to an individual (wedding socials, graduations, and so on).

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