Cost and affordability

Customers who responded to the survey told us they are strongly motivated by cost and affordability. Our modelling and analysis for the Integrated Resource Plan will favour options that minimize cost for customers.

Reliability and the environment

Along with cost, reliability of energy service and environmental concerns are also important to survey participants. The metrics used to compare options for meeting Manitoba’s energy needs will address these key considerations.

Rate structure

Survey participants are also engaged and interested in how energy rates are structured. Energy rates will be important factors in the comparison of energy options for meeting future needs.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are increasingly in the near-term plans of the survey participants. Adoption of electric vehicles will be a key input for the Integrated Resource Plan analysis. The timing and rate of adoption will be further researched.

Natural gas and self-generation

Survey participants are not actively looking to switch from using natural gas to electricity. Further, based on survey results, self-generation options are not anticipated to be adopted quickly on a large scale. The cost and the return on investment were identified as important considerations in these decisions.

The evolving role of natural gas and self-generation will be a key input in our modelling and analysis and a focus of ongoing engagement and research.