Electricity powers our appliances and heats and cools our home. It can be dangerous, and cause severe injuries and even death if it is not handled properly or if proper precautions aren’t taken.

Overloaded outlets can cause electrical fires and endanger the people in your home. Spread out the number of electronics among several outlets and unplug them when they aren’t needed. Never have more than 2 appliances plugged into a regular outlet and only 1 if it is a major appliance like a fridge.

Do not ignore the warning signs of electrical safety concerns. Have flickering lights, sparking switches, and faulty circuit breakers checked by a licensed electrician.

Electrical emergencies cause power outages and dangerous situations. Being safe in these situations means being prepared. The best way to avoid electrical hazards at home or on the farm is to prevent them. Learn about some easy things you can do to avoid putting yourself or your family in an electrical hazard.

If you’re planning a renovation or adding a building to a farm yard, you must have an electrical permit from Manitoba Hydro.