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Damage claims

Contact your insurance company, agent, or broker before submitting a claim to Manitoba Hydro.

They can determine if the damages are covered directly by your insurance policy. If a vehicle has been damaged, submit a claim with Manitoba Public Insurance.

We are not legally responsible for damage caused by:

  • an act of nature beyond our control (for example, storms, flooding, or wildfire);
  • wildlife contact with our electrical system;
  • failure of your electrical equipment due to outages or fluctuations of our electrical system;
  • removing or trimming trees;
  • a vehicle collision that damages or interrupts our infrastructure;
  • failure on your part to provide adequate protection for your electrical or natural gas equipment;
  • negligence on your part;
  • actions of a third-party or independent contractor.

Any potential liability to Manitoba Hydro for customer damages is outlined in and limited by The Manitoba Hydro Act, Electric Power Terms and Conditions of Supply Regulation 186/90, Paragraph 12 – Limit of Liability.

Most electric power outages are caused by weather, tree contacts, equipment failure, and accidental contact with our power lines. Natural gas lines may be damaged by someone digging into a gas line, shifting ground from season changes, or vehicle collisions. Any customer damages caused by these events, which are beyond the control of Manitoba Hydro, will not be compensated by Manitoba Hydro.

We assess each claim on its own circumstances. Compensation is only provided if the facts clearly demonstrate negligence by our employees or our contractors.

How to submit a claim

Gather all required information and supporting documents before you start the online application:

  • a detailed description of the incident (include date, time, and location);
  • names of the people involved in the incident;
  • detailed description of the damage;
  • details of the damaged item or equipment (include age of item, make, model, serial and model numbers);
  • photos;
  • copies of your documents – invoices, receipts, estimates, or warranties (include anything related to the repair or replacement);
  • your insurance company information (if you have opened a claim with them).

If possible, keep the damaged equipment or item until your claim has been processed. If you need the equipment repaired or replaced before we can review the claim, keep all your receipts and invoices.

Once received, it can take up to 60 days for your claim to be investigated and reviewed.

Submit a claim.