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Equal Payment Plan

Our Equal Payment Plan (EPP) allows you to pay your electricity and/or natural gas bills in equal monthly instalments. If your payments are up-to-date you can apply at any time. You can return to regular monthly billing at any time. You can combine equal payments with the Pre-authorized Payment Plan.

  • Enrol between September and March, and monthly instalments begin with your next bill.
  • Enrol between April and August, and instalments begin in September (for the next full EPP year).

You will be automatically enrolled each year. EPP runs for 12 months, beginning in September and balancing out in August.

We project your energy costs for the upcoming months of the EPP year and divide that into equal monthly instalments. This is based on the service’s energy usage history.

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Your monthly EPP instalment amount may be revised (as your actual usage accumulates) to better balance at the end of the EPP year. Monthly EPP instalments are for metered electricity and/or natural gas usage. Other charges, such as loans and rentals, are shown separately. These charges are in addition to your monthly instalment(s). Regular meter readings are necessary for accurate usage information and EPP instalments. Submit a meter reading.

Factors that could affect your bill

  • Energy use changes with the weather; more heating during colder winters and more cooling during hotter summers both may mean higher bills than projected.
  • Natural gas rates fluctuate in a volatile market.
  • Signing with a fixed rate contract with a natural gas marketer will affect how much you pay. Find out about purchasing natural gas.
  • The condition of your furnace and other appliances affects energy usage. Well-maintained appliances generally use less energy.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of your home and can help lower your bills.