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Frequently asked questions

Why is Manitoba Hydro offering the Fixed Rate Service?

The Fixed Rate Service is being offered to improve customer choice and meet varying customer preferences for fixed-rate Primary Gas fixed rate products. The more choice available, the better the chance that customers can find the products which meet their specific individual needs. We have no preference whether you purchase your Primary Gas on a quarterly or fixed-rate service.

Is participating in the Fixed Rate Service going to save me money over my contract term?

A fixed-rate contract may or may not save you money. That can only be determined at the end of the contract when the actual market price of natural gas over the contract term is known. The Fixed Rate Service should not be viewed as a way for you to save money, but rather an option to reduce market price risk. It is not a guaranteed cost savings.

Will the fixed rate represent the entire amount on my monthly gas bill?

No. This rate will only be applied to the Primary Gas portion on your bill. The remaining components of your bill will not be affected by participation in the fixed-rate service.

Does the Fixed Rate Service mean I pay exactly the same amount each month on my gas bill?

No. The Fixed Rate Service means that your specific unit rate (per cubic metre) for Primary Gas consumed will not change over the contract period. The total amount you pay will still vary based on the total amount of natural gas you consume over the billing period. We do offer the Equal Payment Plan option to customers as a way to equalize your monthly energy bill payments over a 1-year period.

What happens if I move during the contract period?

If you move during the contract period, your Fixed Rate Service contract is immediately cancelled and no early termination fee will apply. If you move within Manitoba and have an active natural gas service at your new location you will be switched over to our default quarterly rate for your new Primary Gas service, unless you sign up for a fixed-rate service either with us (subject to availability) or an independent gas marketer.

What happens to my natural gas bill after the contract term is complete?

We will send you a written reminder prior to the end of the contract and advise you of your gas supply options at that time. If you do not enter into a new contract, either with us or an independent gas marketer, you will automatically be placed back on our Quarterly Rate Service.