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Natural gas marketers

Natural gas marketers, or brokers, are independent companies that:

  • Can only supply Primary Gas to a customer (see other bill components);
  • arrange alternate rates and terms of service for Primary Gas supply;
  • may offer different Primary Gas rate options or pricing than we do;
  • do not deliver the natural gas;
  • do not provide utility services;
  • do not have their rates and options regulated by The Public Utilities Board of Manitoba.

The Public Utilities Board keeps a complete list of natural gas marketers that are authorized to operate in Manitoba.

If you sign an agreement with a natural gas marketer for your Primary Gas supply, we will continue to provide all other components of your natural gas supply and service. You will still receive your bill from us.

What changes can you expect to see on your bill?

  • The Primary Gas rate you agreed to with your natural gas marketer.
  • The name of your natural gas marketer in the Primary Gas line.
  • The name and telephone number of your natural gas marketer for questions about your Primary Gas supply, rate, and agreement.

What stays the same on your bill?

  • Other components of your bill, supplied and billed as usual.
  • Total monthly bill continues to be the sum of all the various bill components.