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Manitoba Hydro reorganizes subsidiary

Manitoba Hydro announced today the reorganization of its subsidiary Manitoba Hydro International (MHI). The reorganization follows an independent review of MHI operations and helps ensure the subsidiary’s business aligns with Strategy 2040, Manitoba Hydro’s long-term strategic plan – developed to enhance the focus on the utility’s core business of delivering clean, affordable and reliable energy to Manitobans.

Ice safety tips

Before you venture out on the ice, check the weather and avoid going on the ice on warm or stormy days. Measure clear hard ice in several places.

LED street light update

About 97% of all street lights from Emerson to Churchill are now LED – that’s approximately 130,000 lights with about 75,000 in Winnipeg.

Controlling zebra mussels in northern Manitoba

We’ve taken a leading role in tracking and monitoring zebra mussels in Manitoba’s river system because they pose a risk to the safe operation of our generating stations. Here’s what we’re doing to protect our stations from the invasive species.