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Costs eligible for funding

Eligible costs

You may request support for:

  • tree stock (seedlings to larger nursery stock) – must be of high quality and hardy to the area where it is planted;
  • site preparation;
  • planting of trees and 1 year of maintenance;
  • trees and any large tree-form shrubs (mature height 3 metres).

The Forest Enhancement Program may support preparation and delivery of information, communication, instructional and interpretative materials and activities for schools, religious institutions, senior’s homes, sports fields, community clubs, and publicly supported institutions.

  • Content for school-oriented projects must be consistent with the Manitoba Department of Education’s curriculum guidelines.
  • Content for public education projects should be rooted in the principles of the biological and ecological sciences and sustainable forest management practices and uses.

Ineligible costs

  • Costs not related to tree planting and tree maintenance, such as sod or grass seed, soil for landscaping and fill, levelling, berm and path construction, rocks, flowers, site furniture and site facilities.
  • Transplanting cultivated or wild trees from private land, roadsides, and Crown land.
  • Projects that primarily benefit private organizations or individual land owners.
  • Costs of developing project plans or proposals and retroactive costs previously incurred by proponents.
  • Core funding for an applicant’s organization, wages, and general administrative costs.
  • Website costs or capital equipment expenses.