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The Manitoba Hydro fiscal year runs from April 1 until March 31. Project funding must be spent within the fiscal year. All invoices related to the Forest Enhancement Program must be submitted by February 1 of the fiscal year. We will not accept invoices from those who carry-over unspent funds into subsequent years.

You are expected to:

  • enter into an agreement with Manitoba Hydro that sets out the scope of the work, the schedule of activities, amount of funding, and the manner in which funds will be released;
  • ensure that project implementation meets with the Funding Agreement;
  • obtain any required approvals from governments and land owners prior to implementing the project;
  • obtain competitive bids on supplies, materials, equipment and contracted services to ensure cost effectiveness;
  • recognize Manitoba Hydro on any permanent signage* about the project, and allow Manitoba Hydro to participate in any public announcement of the project;
  • allow Manitoba Hydro personnel access to the project area to observe or inspect the project;
  • maintain records on costs, expenditures and accomplishments, and allow Manitoba Hydro access to the records for inspection and audit, where required;
  • submit a report describing project status and provide a detailed accounting of expenditures upon project completion.

* We provide an all-weathered standard project sign 76 x 101 cm, to all tree and education planting project proponents for installation. We will not pay for additional permanent signage that proponents purchase and install separately.