Greenhouse gas emissions

We are a national leader in managing corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

While our province’s available renewable hydro power has provided a natural advantage, we have been aggressively identifying and implementing emission reduction opportunities and improving customer energy efficiency for over 20 years.

Examples of our initiatives:

  • development of new hydro power facilities;
  • purchase of new wind generation;
  • development of a world class energy-efficient head office in downtown Winnipeg;
  • pursuing aggressive demand-side management through our Power Smart programs;
  • retirement and conversion of coal generation units;
  • extension of the electrical grid to diesel communities.

All forms of electrical generation, including renewable sources, have GHG implications. Compared to traditional fossil fuel electric generation, the GHG implications of renewable generation like hydro and wind are negligible.

By pursuing hydro power development, and energy conservation opportunities, we continue to maintain our low GHG emission profile and help reduce global GHG emissions. Read more about our corporate contributions to global GHG emissions in our Climate Change Report (PDF, 3.7 MB).