Farm safety

Accidents related to electricity cause extensive damage to property and livestock on Manitoba farms.

Use equipment properly and train workers to know how to prevent dangerous situations and react appropriately to electrical hazards if they arise. Many accidents are a result of workers failing to disconnect the circuit before working on electrical equipment.

Farm yard planning and renovation

Know what to do to be safe when you plan a move to a new farm site or develop your farm yard:

  • Locate barns, sheds and granaries at least 9 metres from overhead power lines.
  • When building new bins, plan the traffic movement so that it won’t be necessary to cross under overhead lines.
  • You must locate propane and fuel tanks at least 9 metres from power lines.
  • Remember that overhead power lines in the farm yard area and near field entrances need to be high enough to adequately clear machinery. Call Manitoba Hydro if you need assistance to move lines.
  • Plant tall-growing trees at least 9 metres to the side of overhead power lines.
  • Customers interested in the installation of underground service (buried power lines) should call their local Manitoba Hydro office. Rural underground service offers several benefits:
    • eliminating the possibility of wires coming down in bad weather;
    • eliminating the dangers of wires coming into contact with equipment;
    • improving farm yard tidiness.

You must have an approved route, permits, and clearance to power lines before moving farm buildings or equipment.

Before turning on your stock waterer’s power for winter, check connections for damaged or frayed conductors. Cleaning up corroded connections with a wire brush is a good idea.