Structure move clearance

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Apply for a clearance permit to move your building or oversized structure on an approved route. Ensure safe clearance to power lines as any contact could cause serious burns, injuries, and costly repairs.

A structure move is defined as any object being moved or transported where the loaded height is greater than 4.8 metres which may include buildings, bins, tanks, and loaded equipment on a trailer. If a pilot vehicle with a height pole is accompanying the structure move, review our height pole guidelines.

Read all the steps before you start the application

The steps list your responsibilities and possible timelines.

We cannot process your request without all required information and documents.

Questions about the structure move clearance permit process, contact us at 1-833-743-3577.

Step 1

Online application

This step may take: 3–5 business days to process your completed application.

Gather all required information and supporting documents before you start the online application. A minimum of 14 days’ notice is required.

You must include all of following:

  • proposed move date and start time;
  • start and end locations;
  • Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure motor carrier permit (if required);
  • moving company name (if applicable);
  • legal name of structure owner and contact information;
  • type of structure(s);
  • loaded measurements;
  • roofline orientation;
  • photos of the loaded building or structure;
  • proposed route description and a digital map.

If your building or structure is between 4.15 metres and 4.8 metres high:

If your building or structure is more than 4.8 metres high:

  • establish your proposed route;
  • contact Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure for your motor carrier permit;
  • measure height of the loaded building or structure (including total height of trailer to highest peak).

Step 2


This step may take: up to 14 days after we receive your signed application.

We will provide an agreement for your move. You will sign and return the agreement to us.

After we receive your signed agreement, we will give you the move permit. At this time, we will send you a preliminary quote for the clearance service charges (where applicable). There is no charge for the preliminary quote.

Step 3


This step may take: 15–30 days to complete the move billing for actual work.

Your Structure Move Clearance Permit is valid for 14 calendar days from the move date, and includes Manitoba Hydro contacts for your start location and locations along the route.

The movers must keep the clearance permit readily available for the duration of your move.

After the move is completed, we will bill you for the actual clearance service charges for your move.

Your move can be delayed by:

  • incorrect measurements (can delay move and add extra charges);
  • weather;
  • no Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure permit;
  • failure to return signed agreement to Manitoba Hydro;
  • not being at the starting location or any other move point on time.

Apply for move permit

After you apply

Once you have submitted a complete application, we will assign someone to your move. They will contact you for any missing information.