Calculate your payments

The PAYS Financing calculator generates:

  • your estimated monthly utility bill savings based on energy efficiency upgrades that you make to your home;
  • your monthly payments.

Your contractor or retailer will work with you to determine if your project is eligible for financing and will help you complete the PAYS Financing Agreement. Multiple upgrades may increase your utility bill savings, which may increase the amount eligible for financing.

Contractors and retailers

This calculator will determine if your customer is eligible to apply for financing. Work with your customer to complete all the questions about energy efficiency upgrades that they would like to make to their home. They will need to answer specific questions about their home and lifestyle. All information must be as accurate as possible. Only efficiency upgrades that are found in the calculator are eligible for PAYS Financing.

Enter the calculations into PARTS I, II, and III of the PAYS Financing Agreement.

If your customer lives in a duplex and is upgrading their heating system, email us for custom calculations.


Terms and conditions of calculations

  1. The calculator provides general estimates on what energy and water efficiencies may be expected to result from the eligible upgrades being considered. All such estimates are general in nature and the estimates are based on information received from the user of the calculator and Manitoba Hydro is relying solely on the information and representations being made by the user and that the estimates are based on other external factors such as weather, use of equipment, systems and type and use of eligible upgrades. Manitoba Hydro does not make any guarantees, representations or warranties respecting any estimates provided by or on behalf of Manitoba Hydro, either express or implied, arising by law or otherwise, as to any matter including without limitation merchantability, effectiveness, efficiency, completeness, currency, accuracy, correctness, fitness for a particular purpose. The user of the calculator shall be solely responsible for the entire risk of the performance and results of the estimate and any and all claims or liabilities that might arise as a result of the use of the estimate. Manitoba Hydro will not, provide to the user, and will not include with any energy savings calculations, energy savings estimates arising from any improvements or installations made with respect to water efficiency and conservation measures.
  2. Estimated savings for water efficiency and conservation measure(s) (such as toilets) are calculated based on water usage, type and use of toilets and related equipment and water utility rates or an average of municipal water utility rates in place at the present time and does not take into account any changes to water utility rates that may be made by the municipality responsible for such rates. The estimated monthly savings for water conversation measures will be realized on your water utility bill, not on your monthly Hydro bill. If you do not pay for water from a utility, or pay a flat rate for water, dollar savings estimates for water efficiency and conservation measure(s) would be nil.
  3. The natural gas rate used in the calculator is based on a rolling average of the current quarterly natural gas rate and the three previous quarterly rates that were in effect. The propane and fuel oil rates used in the calculator are based on a rolling average of the current point-in-time price (at the time of the current quarterly natural gas rate) and the three previous quarterly rates that were in effect. As electricity rates typically change on an annual basis the current electricity rate is used.