Landlords and tenants

The PAYS Financing monthly payment can be transferred from a property owner to a tenant if the tenant pays the energy bill at the property where the upgrade is to take place. This can only take place with the tenant’s consent, which must occur before Manitoba Hydro approves the PAYS Financing Agreement.

If you would like to transfer the monthly payment to your tenant, have your contractor or retailer submit a copy of the Monthly Fee Payment – Tenant Acknowledgment form along with your completed PAYS Financing Agreement to Manitoba Hydro for approval. Both you and your tenant must complete and sign the form.

The Tenant Acknowledgement form only needs to be filled out once – at the time of approval. When subsequent tenants move in, it is the responsibility of the property owner to inform the tenant(s) of the PAYS monthly payment. A new Tenant Acknowledgement form does not need to be filled out with each new tenant.