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Home Energy Efficiency Loan

Our Home Energy Efficiency Loan (HEEL) is a convenient and affordable financing option if you want to make energy efficiency upgrades to your home. The monthly payment is added to your energy bill and no down payment is required.

We partnered with Efficiency Manitoba to set the energy efficiency requirements for many of the qualifying upgrades.

Financing information

Annual interest rate
7.1% (O.A.C.) for the first 5 years
Maximum financing term
5 years or up to 15 years for qualifying technologies
Manageable payments
Monthly payments made conveniently through your energy bill
  • Minimum monthly payment is $15.
  • Minimum amount that can be financed is $500.
  • Monthly installments will be applied to your energy bill. Repayment of the loan is the responsibility of the homeowner and not the tenant.
  • Additional payments may be made at any time with no penalty.
  • A $20 administration fee will apply if the loan is paid off in full during the first 6 months.
  • The loan becomes due and payable when the house is sold or transfers ownership. The loan is not transferable.
  • The cost of one upgrade cannot be split between multiple HEEL Agreements or between financing programs.

You can finance up to $7,500 per residence for all upgrades, with the exception of those outlined below.

Eligible measures Maximum financing per residence Maximum terms
Eligible measures (windows, doors, insulation, etc.) $7,500 5 years
Level 2 electric vehicle chargers $3,0001 5 years
High efficiency natural gas furnaces and boilers $5,5001 – natural gas furnace
$7,500 – natural gas boiler
15 years
Geothermal heat pumps/Solar photovoltaic systems $20,0002 15 years
Cold climate air source heat pump $10,0003 15 years
1 This amount is included in the $7,500 per residence.
2 Total value of all accumulated HEELs per residence with this technology cannot exceed $20,000.
3 Total value of all accumulated HEELs per residence with this technology cannot exceed $10,000.

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Steps to participate

Step 2

Contact a participating supplier

To participate in HEEL, contact a participating program supplier (contractor or retailer).

The supplier works with you to ensure your project is eligible. They will help you complete a HEEL application and submit it to us on your behalf. We will review your application and conduct a customer credit review. If approved, we will notify your supplier and your project may begin.

Please note:

  • You must have approval before any work is started or any materials are purchased.
  • We do not provide a participating suppliers list or endorse any service professionals. We recommend following our tips for hiring a contractor to ensure you feel confident in finding a supplier that best fits your project’s needs.

Step 3

Complete your project

Once your project is complete, your supplier arranges for all homeowners to sign and date the Completion Certificate.

This document indicates that you acknowledge the work at your property was completed in full and authorizes us to pay your supplier directly for invoice costs.

Step 4

Pay the loan through your monthly energy bill

The monthly loan payment is conveniently placed on your energy bill.

You can make additional payments to your loan at any time. An administration fee of $20 is charged if your loan is paid in full during the first 6 months.

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Financing is available with the following conditions.

  • Manitoba Hydro must approve your application before any work is started or any materials are purchased.
  • You must be the owner of the home in which energy improvements are made.
  • You must have an active Manitoba Hydro account and be approved for credit from Manitoba Hydro.
  • The building must be your primary residence or the primary residence of your tenant.
  • Mobile homes on permanent foundations with a permanent water supply are eligible. For geothermal and solar photovoltaic systems, you must own the land where the mobile home is located.
  • Indigenous customers living in Band-owned homes are eligible for financing with a Band Council Resolution.
  • The home must be detached or semi-detached.
  • Upgrades must be made to our recommended levels.

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Ineligible homes and materials

Financing is not available for the following.

  • Unoccupied homes, seasonal dwellings (summer homes and cottages), apartment buildings, garages, commercial properties, and homes under construction.
  • Natural gas and electrical materials that are not installed by an allied gas fitter or electrician licensed by the province of Manitoba.
  • Projects in progress or already completed.
  • Used equipment or materials.
  • Wiring and related equipment for new and old buildings not previously supplied with electrical service.
  • Your labour (only materials and equipment are eligible for do-it-yourself projects).
  • Labour only (labour can only be financed with a qualifying upgrade).
  • Central air conditioning (apply through the Energy Finance Plan).

What if my contractor or retailer is not a participating supplier?

If you would like to participate in our residential financing programs but your contractor or retailer is not a participating supplier, they can apply to join.

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