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How to read your bi-directional meter

Your meter reading will help us give you an accurate bill. We use meter readings to bill you for the actual amount of electricity you use (instead of estimating). Most meters are scheduled to be read every second month.

Excess energy generated by your system cannot be estimated. You must provide regular readings for accurate billing. Your bill will show an “Energy Received” line that lists the excess energy we bought from your system. You will not be eligible for the Equal Payment Plan because the energy used and the excess energy generated cannot be forecasted.

When we cannot access your meter, a meter reading card will be left for you. Use this card to record your meter reading, then submit it online or to our 24-hour phone recording line.

Line drawing of an bi-directional meter.

Your meter window will rotate a series of 3 displays – always in the same sequence with a short blank screen between each display. Meter designs vary by manufacturer, so your meter may look different than this one.

When you are taking a reading, there are 3 displays:

  1. Test display
    Check this display to confirm that your meter is operating properly. Each of the digits should be a completely formed 8. If any fragments of the digits are missing, notify us immediately.
  2. Kilowatt hours (kWh)
    When this display appears, record the 5-digit reading. This is the energy you’ve used from our grid.
  3. Excess kilowatt hours (kWh)
    When this display appears, record the 5-digit reading. This is the excess energy you generated and delivered to Manitoba Hydro.

The meter number is displayed on your bi-directional meter. When entering your meter number, do not include the letters MH. The above meter shows MH1234567, so this meter number would be 1234567.

Submit your reading online or phone 204-453-6712 (Winnipeg) or 1-800-652-4490 anytime and follow the prompts to provide your meter number and reading.

For assistance, contact your local office.