Regular meter readings can help keep your bills affordable

Manitoba Hydro customers visiting their online account

Every month we use your meter reading to calculate your monthly bill. Even if you live in an area where we read your meter every second month, submitting regular meter readings can ensure that you only pay for what you use.

Only meter readings submitted during the three-day window period will be used for billing, so it’s crucial to stay on top of these dates as they change every month. If you forget to submit a meter reading or if it’s submitted outside your three-day window, your bill will be estimated for the month. Having multiple estimated bills can cause unexpected surprises you’ll want to avoid.

Here’s a great example of why submitting regular meter readings is important.

Matt’s outdoor electricity meter was read every second month, but due to his busy schedule, he was never home to give access to his indoor natural gas meter. When he would remember to submit a meter reading, it would be outside of the three-day reading window, so his bill would be estimated for the month. This meant his indoor natural gas meter had been estimated since 2020. When we called Matt about his multiple estimates, he submitted a meter reading during the next month’s three-day window. This new, accurate reading showed he’d consumed more than what he was charged for — and his bill was a lot bigger than it normally was.

To make sure this never happened again, Matt signed up for an online account and turned on text and email meter reading reminders. “It is so easy now,” said Matt. “I‘ve never missed a reading since then, and I submit my meter readings every month through the Manitoba Hydro app. It takes me less than two minutes to do, and my bills are no longer a surprise.”

To take control of your account, sign up for an online account and your life can be as easy as Matt’s. You’ll be able to sign up for personalized email, text, or call notification reminders so you never miss your meter reading window again.