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Submit a meter reading

Your bill will be more accurate if your natural gas and electricity meters are read regularly. We read residential meters every second month. You can send in a meter reading for the other month or we will estimate your usage.

There are a few ways to submit your meter reading:

  • Through your online account. Sign in and submit your reading.
    • This option is for customers who have an online account and are submitting a regular monthly or final (move out) meter read. For initial (move in) meter reads, please use the option below even if you were signed up for an online account for your previous property.
  • Don’t have an online account or providing an initial (move in) meter read? Submit your reading without an online account.
    • You will need the address and associated meter number (located on both the energy meter and Manitoba Hydro bill).
  • Are you a landlord or property manager? Sign into landlord express.
  • Call in your reading:
The portion of your bill where you can find your meter reading dates.

An example of the Special messages section of the bill, showing this customer could submit a meter reading from the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd day of the month.

Enlarge image: The portion of your bill where you can find your meter reading dates.

Important: Monthly meter readings must be submitted within a specific time window to be applied to your next bill. Check your bill’s Special messages section on page 2 for the dates to submit your meter reading. Monthly readings submitted outside that window will not be used for billing purposes.

If you are moving out or moving in, you should submit the initial/final meter reads on the day you move.