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Tree trimming

It is your responsibility to trim trees safely on your property and remove and cut branches and leaves. If we must do it in the case of an emergency (for example, the tree is interfering with our poles and wires), it is still your responsibility to clean up the trimmed branches.

Overgrown trees and shrubs can be dangerous if they come into contact with Hydro poles or lines or can interrupt service. You are responsible for keeping trees and shrubs on your property trimmed and clear from Hydro lines and poles throughout the year. Trees on your property or on city property will be trimmed or cut without notice if they are a threat to public safety or become dangerous. This work is sometimes done by us and at other times by a third party contracted by us.

A dangerous situation is when the tree, trunk, and/or branches are:

  • smoking, sparking, or burning on a hydro line;
  • an immediate hazard to the line (split, leaning, hanging over, uprooted);
  • leaning on a hydro pole;
  • causing a power outage.

Trees will normally only be trimmed back so that there’s enough clearance based on voltage and tree growth rates.