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Property owners warned of rising water levels on Winnipeg River

Property owners advised to secure docks and items near shorelines

This article was published in September 2019 and may be outdated.

WINNIPEG — Manitoba Hydro is warning residents along the Winnipeg River, especially those in the Whiteshell, of higher water levels thanks to almost record rainfall across eastern Manitoba and northwest Ontario. Total rainfall in Lake of the Woods over the past month is the second highest on record, with most of that rain falling in the past two weeks. The highest rainfall for a similar period occurred in 1941.

As a result of the rain, the Lake of the Woods Control Board (LWCB) has made a series of large increases in outflow from Lake of the Woods into the Winnipeg River. Winnipeg River water levels will rise rapidly in response to these flow increases.

Property owners will see water levels rise gradually over the next 10 to 15 days in lakes upstream of Seven Sisters Generating Station — Nutimik Lake is expected to rise about four feet; Dorothy Lake about three feet; Margaret/Eleanor Lake about two feet; and Sylvia Lake about one foot and a few inches.

Property owners in the affected areas are advised to secure docks and move items near the water (boats, floatation devices, etc.) to higher ground.

For more information about water flows, visit the LWCB’s website at

For more information, please contact:

Bruce Owen — Media Relations Officer, Manitoba Hydro
T: 204-360-3651