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Electrical safety at home

The uncertainty of what will happen, distraction and fatigue mean we might not pay attention to what we normally would. That’s why it’s vital to take an extra moment to make sure your home and family are safe.

Be safe when using a space heater

With more people at home, it’s vital to take care when using a space heater. If you must use a space heater as a temporary heat source, follow these safety tips to avoid potential shock and fire hazards.

Why we export power

Revenue from our power exports brought in more than 22% of our total electric revenue from 2010–19, or about $3.9 billion. Without our export sales, your electricity rates would be about 20% higher than they are today.

Keep your home running safe and smoothly in winter

Manitoba Hydro crews work through extreme conditions to ensure you have reliable electric and natural gas service during the winter. Extreme wind chills, excessive snow and snowdrifts can block roads and generally make access to our equipment more difficult.