Discrimination- and harassment-free workplace

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We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive and respectful work environment and acknowledges that:

  • Manitoba has a diverse population and workforce;
  • we have a duty to act in a manner consistent with existing legislation regarding human rights and safe workplaces;
  • every employee is entitled to work in an environment that promotes equal opportunities and prohibits harassment and discrimination.

We have policies and procedures in place that:

  • prevent harassment and discrimination from occurring through increased awareness of acceptable standards of conduct;
  • provide the knowledge and authority to demonstrate, encourage and enforce acceptable standards of conduct;
  • offer resolution and complaint procedures to support the early identification and resolution of harassment and discrimination issues;
  • provide all employees with a fair and consistent process for dealing with harassment and discrimination issues.

Employees have an obligation to adhere to the spirit and objectives of our Discrimination- and Harassment-free Workplace Policy. We employ a Human Rights and Respectful Workplace Advisor who assists employees in addressing issues of discrimination and harassment.