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Hourly rate: $19.21

Manitoba Hydro Utility Services (MHUS) is a subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro and is contracted by the utility to provide meter reading and other services. Work experience gained at MHUS is considered an asset when applying for work at Manitoba Hydro, particularly in the gas trades area.

Meter readers:

  • read both outside and inside electric and natural gas meters;
  • utilize computerized handheld technology to enter reads;
  • work within the City of Winnipeg and in rural districts;
  • walk an average of 5.5 to 6.5 hours per day.

Meter reading may be the career for you if you:

  • are a mature and conscientious individual who pays attention to detail;
  • possess customer service skills and any computer experience;
  • are capable of working in various settings and in all weather conditions;
  • enjoy working outdoors and dealing with the public.

MHUS provides mileage reimbursement for employees as they must use their own vehicles.

Schedules vary depending on location:

  • Winnipeg: Casual Winnipeg employees work a variable schedule.
  • Rural: Casual rural staff work a regular monthly part-time schedule with some scheduling flexibility.


Potential candidates must:

  • be a Grade 12 graduate;
  • possess and maintain a valid Manitoba Class 5 driver’s licence (intermediate or full);
  • provide a current driver’s abstract;
  • possess a vehicle for work;
  • pass a current criminal record check;
  • be physically capable for all duties.

MHUS meter readers may have the opportunity to apply on various contract positions or full-time employment at Manitoba Hydro, including:

  • general trades person;
  • maintenance trainee;
  • gas line inspector;
  • gas meter exchange;
  • gas distribution maintenance helper;
  • dump truck driver;
  • administrative representative;
  • gas equipment operators;
  • measurement technician helpers;
  • pressure factor metering;
  • auxiliary piping helpers.

If you are interested in working as a meter reader, email your resumé and high school transcripts1 to MHUS.

PDF or Microsoft Word documents are preferred. Links to documents will not be accepted.

Applications are accepted year round.

1 Manitoba Statement of High School Marks (transcripts) is an official provincial record of your high school marks and credits earned.