Co-operative Education Program

Co-operative Education Programs are offered through various educational institutes, typically through degree programs at universities, and diploma programs at community colleges. All co-operative education students are required to alternate their academic studies with paid co-op work terms. This will help students clarify their career direction, and assist in developing their confidence in their skills and abilities. The training and experience co-op students receive on work terms, combined with their academic knowledge, prepares them for the workforce after graduation.

We support various co-op programs by offering paid work terms directly related to a student’s academic studies. We communicate directly with the educational institution to ensure the opportunity meets the requirements of the co-op program.

How to apply

  • Students must register in a Co-operative Educational Program through their school as well as with STEP Services.
  • An invitation to apply may be posted at your school, or resumés may be organized through your co-op program coordinator.
  • Email your resumé.

Selected applicants must provide a job description to their educational institution to ensure it meets the requirements of the co-op program. We will review applications, interview students, and select suitable applicants.

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