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Indigenous power line technician pre-placement program

Hourly rate: $18.15

This 6-month program provides opportunities for Indigenous candidates to gain educational assistance to upgrade to the minimum academic requirements and on-the-job training required to successfully compete for a position in the power line technician training program.


Potential candidates must:

  • be a high school graduate;
  • possess and maintain a valid Manitoba Class 5 driver’s licence (intermediate or full) and be eligible for upgrade;
  • be willing to work in all types of weather;
  • be willing to work at heights, in trenches, excavations, confined spaces;
  • be capable of learning proper climbing techniques;
  • have good physical coordination and manual dexterity, and be able to lift heavy objects from a variety of physical positions while working in a bucket truck or on the pole in climbing gear;
  • have a mechanical aptitude;
  • have good hearing;
  • be able to work as a member of a team and adapt to changing tasks and locations;
  • have good interpersonal and communication skills;
  • be able to work autonomously and make decisions in stressful situations;
  • have basic computer skills.

Candidates who do not qualify for the Indigenous Pre-placement Program but want to upgrade their high school education to meet the requirements for this program can visit the Adult Learning and Literacy Branch website for a list of certified adult literacy programs and learning centres in Manitoba.

Recruitment process

Recruitment dates to be determined.

Applications must include the following information:

  • current resumé and cover letter;
  • high school transcript, and any post secondary school transcripts or training certificates;
  • proof of descent.

As part of the selection process, candidates will be required to write standardized aptitude tests that assess how well a candidate’s abilities match the requirements of the job. Candidates will also participate a 1-day pre-employment skills assessment and trade orientation session, which provides candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to follow instruction, transfer knowledge, and work at heights. It also gives the evaluation group an opportunity to see you perform hands-on power line trades-related tasks. Candidates selected for this session will be required to provide a current driver’s abstract.

There is no guarantee of ongoing employment at the completion of the pre-placement program.

If you are interested in this program, set up a job alert from your profile by selecting “Trades” as your area of interest and enter a few key words describing this program.

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