Pointe du Bois renewable energy project

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Two men stand beside a generating unit under construction.

Located on the Winnipeg River, Pointe du Bois is our oldest hydroelectric generating station.

Enlarge image: Two men stand beside a generating unit under construction.

As our oldest hydroelectric station, many of the electrical, civil, and mechanical works at Pointe du Bois generating station are more than a century old.

We’re planning a new project to increase Pointe du Bois generating station’s supply of renewable, dependable electricity and enhance our transmission capacity and reliability in the area, so we can get the most value of Manitobans’ investment in this over 110-year-old energy asset.

The Pointe du Bois renewable energy project (PREP) is made up of 2 main parts: a generating unit replacement in the station’s powerhouse, and the construction of a new transmission line in the area.

Generating unit replacement in the powerhouse

A row of generating units inside a generating station.

Only 3 of the original 16 generating units are expected to operate beyond 2029.

Enlarge image: A row of generating units inside a generating station.

We’re planning to install 8 generating units at Pointe du Bois to replace some of the original units that are nearing end of life.

A generating unit is made up of a turbine and generator. Water from the river enters the powerhouse and flows through the turbine, causing the generator to spin to create electricity.

This upgrade will extend the operable life of the station to at least 2055 and increase the amount of renewable, dependable electricity we can produce to meet our customers’ ever-growing needs. With 380 gigawatt-hours per year, on average, of added production capacity, we will be able to power an extra 35,000 homes in Manitoba.

Manitoba Hydro’s existing licence for the generating station dictates a maximum water level on the upstream side of the generating station. The planned upgrades are intended to return the station closer to its full generating capacity. These upgrades will not exceed any limits or requirements outlined in the Water Power Act licence for Pointe du Bois generating station.

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A map of the final preferred route between the Lee River DSC and Whiteshell station.

A map of the final preferred route between the Lee River DSC and Whiteshell station.

Enlarge image: A map of the final preferred route between the Lee River DSC and Whiteshell station.

New transmission line from Pointe du Bois to Whiteshell station (PW75)

The current transmission lines connecting Pointe du Bois to our grid are aging and won’t have sufficient capacity to handle the station’s increased electricity output once the new generating units are in place.

We’re planning to construct a new 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line (referred to as PW75), stretching about 50 kilometres between Pointe du Bois and the existing Whiteshell station, to deliver more renewable energy and improve reliability for our customers in surrounding areas. This component of the project will require a Class 2 licence under The Environment Act (Manitoba).

The new 115-kV transmission line from Pointe du Bois to Lee River distribution supply centre (DSC) will be routed through an existing right-of-way currently occupied by a 66-kV transmission line. The existing right-of-way will be widened to accommodate the higher voltage line. The existing 66-kV line, which connects Pointe du Bois to Winnipeg, is nearing end of life and will be decommissioned.

A new right-of-way will be required for the section of the new transmission line between Lee River DSC and Whiteshell station. Various other upgrades are also planned at Pointe du Bois station and Whiteshell station to accommodate this transmission work.

We submitted our environmental assessment report to Manitoba Environment and Climate for regulatory review in July 2023. Read the environmental assessment report here:

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Accommodation database for project construction

Our staff and contractors that are working on PREP are looking for accommodations in the project area during construction. If you have a property in the area that you would be willing to rent (seasonally or year-round) to our staff and/or contractors, fill out the PREP Rental Accommodation Registration form (PDF, 381 KB) and email it to projects@hydro.mb.ca.


  • Generating unit replacement:
    • preliminary worksite and equipment preparation: fall 2022;
    • removal of old generating units: spring 2023 to spring 2024 (expected to start on site in mid-April 2023);
    • new generating unit assembly and installation: spring 2024 to summer 2027.
  • New transmission line:
    • identify and evaluate alternative route segments: spring 2022 to fall 2022 (completed);
    • preferred route engagement: winter 2023 (completed);
    • file environmental assessment report for regulatory review: summer 2023 (completed);
    • licensing decision: estimated fall 2024;
    • transmission line construction start, if licence approved: fall 2024;
    • target in-service date: summer 2027.

This schedule is subject to change.

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Document library

GIS data – project alternative route segments for download

This zip file contains spatial files in ESRI Shapefile format of the project infrastructure. They are viewable using geographic information system software. We recommend extracting the files to your computer, rather than opening them online. The .kml file will allow you to view the route(s) with software such as Google Earth®.

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