Energy for Life

For over 60 years, Manitoba Hydro has been there to fuel your biggest moments and power your essential purpose.

Now we’re looking ahead to help build a better future for all Manitobans.

Manitoba Hydro female worker in hard hat and work clothes

"Our promise to Manitobans is that we’re always going to be here. If they call, we’ll be there to help."


our province and its people

Energy for Life is energy by Manitobans, for Manitobans. In the dark of night and the depths of winter, we depend on the same energy you do. That’s why we’re working to make sure your Hydro is reliable, responsible, and there for you, now and into the future.

See how we’re working for you:

Improving your experience

We’re making it easier to access your energy services anywhere, anytime by launching new, connected tools like our mobile app and online account portal.

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See how we’re working for you:

Strengthening relationships

Recognizing the diversity of Manitobans’ backgrounds and lived experiences, we are committed to respecting and supporting Indigenous peoples in all aspects of our business.

A collage of a sun symbol, Indigenous artwork, and an Indigenous woman singing and playing a drum.

See how we’re working for you:

Keeping rates low

We’re innovating our business processes and finding ways to operate more efficiently to make sure your rates can stay among the lowest in Canada.

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See how we’re working for you:

Investing in our communities

We’re enhancing our system, ensuring everyone in Manitoba can benefit from our safe, dependable energy.

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Building a
sustainable future

True sustainability means energy that’s not only environmentally friendly, but also reliable. That’s why Energy for Life means keeping the lights and heat on while keeping the environment in mind.

A hydro electric dam with power lines

“Water doesn’t burn or emit carbon to the atmosphere. Hydro is the original renewable energy.”

Helping you plan

As the world changes, our years of experience and our expert advice is here to help you navigate the energy landscape now and in the future.

Keeping you warm

By pursuing innovations in reliable, efficient natural gas, we’re making sure you can heat your home while you care for the environment.

Protecting our planet

Between hydropower and wind, almost 100 per cent of the electricity we generate comes from renewable sources, helping Manitoba protect the world from climate change.

Securing your energy

Investments like the Keeyask Generating Station, natural gas expansions and new transmission lines are creating more sources of energy so we can keep your electricity flowing for years to come.

Woman holding a child, both in winter coats, standing outdoors

“Energy for Life is our promise: we’ll always provide light, warmth, and power, so you can get back to what matters to you.”


Powering growth and prosperity

Energy for Life means making sure there’s room to grow in Manitoba. As responsible, reliable energy gets more and more important for businesses, we’re finding new ways to encourage economic growth.

See how we’re driving growth in your community:

Supporting development

We’re working with businesses looking to expand, helping boost economic growth and bring Manitobans new services, products and experiences.

Collage of 3 line workers outside, a group panel discussion of mixed ages / genders / ethnicities, a map of Manitoba

See how we’re driving growth in your community:

Employing Manitobans

We’re creating opportunities across the province, employing thousands of Manitobans and working with hundreds of local businesses – including Indigenous-owned businesses – as we maintain and invest in our system.

A collage of an elderly man’s face, a power plant illustration, a female line worker on a telephone pole, a food bank with canned foods, a power line illustration

See how we’re driving growth in your community:

Adapting for growth

We’re working with the Manitoba Economic Development Office to learn how we can better serve business and industry.

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