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Home and water heating account for the largest portion of your home energy bill. Understand the costs and make an informed decision when you replace your old space and water heating equipment. Some heating systems can be more costly upfront but can payback the investment quickly with lower operating costs. Pick the right heating system and heat your home for less.

Energy efficient heating systems use less energy and are therefore less harmful for the environment. In addition to choosing an energy efficient system to lessen negative environmental impacts, Manitobans can reduce their electricity use, which allows Manitoba Hydro to export surplus hydro electricity to provinces and states that would otherwise burn fossil fuels (such as coal). This helps reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

The cost to heat your home can vary depending on:

  • the size of your home;
  • the type of heating system you use;
  • how efficient your heating system is;
  • current energy rates;
  • how much insulation you have;
  • the number of people in your household;
  • a variety of other factors such as weather and lifestyle.

Some types of home heating systems are more expensive to buy but cost less to run.

If you are thinking of upgrading or replacing your home heating system, your choice of heating system may depend on the type of system that you already have as well as which energy options are available in your area.