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Installation costs

The costs of installing a new heating system may vary. Factors include whether you are replacing an existing system with the same kind, installing a new type of heating system, or whether the heating system is being installed in a new home or an existing home.

In general, the costs to install a new heating system could include:

  • bringing natural gas to your home;
  • upgrading to a 200-amp electrical service and running electrical wiring to serve an electric furnace or baseboard heaters;
  • storage tanks needed for oil or propane heating;
  • heating equipment (furnace, boiler, baseboard heaters, heat pump, etc.);
  • changes to your chimney;
  • installing a ventilation system (exhaust fans or heat recovery ventilator) to control humidity and air quality;
  • ducting and registers, or piping and convectors to distribute heat throughout your home;
  • thermostats, dehumidistats and controls;
  • trenching or drilling for geothermal systems;
  • labour for installing any of the above.

Before you install a new heating system, compare price quotes from at least 3 different qualified contractors.