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Frauds & scams

We often get reports from our customers of being approached at their home, or by phone, by someone who gives the impression they work for Manitoba Hydro.

In most cases, this contact was not asked for and is an aggressive attempt to try to get a customer to buy services or products that they don’t need, or to send money for an unverified unpaid bill.

Scammers often target seniors living alone, but anyone can be a target. It’s important that you know when you could be misled. Protect yourself and your money. Share this information with friends and family to keep them safe too.

These scams have been reported to us by our customers:

What to do if you are contacted

If you ever feel threatened or concerned for your safety in any way, contact your local police. Your safety should always be your priority.

Never give your personal information to someone whose identity you cannot be sure of.

If you have questions about a pending service disconnection, call our Credit & Recovery services at 204-480-5901.

To check if a Manitoba Hydro bill or visit is real, call us at 204-480-5900 or 1-888-624-9376.

If you have been contacted by a suspected scammer, report it online.