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What to do if you can’t pay your bill

If you are having trouble paying your bill, we can set up a flexible payment arrangement to help ease the burden.

A payment arrangement is an agreement that gives you extra time to pay your account balance. You can set up a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or custom payments. Having an active payment arrangement on your account will prevent further collection activity.

Apply for a payment arrangement online or through our Manitoba Hydro app. There is no need to call us and you can apply any time. To apply, sign in to your online account, go to Billing, and then select Payment Arrangements.

Sign in and apply online
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You will need your:

  • Manitoba Hydro account number;
  • service address;
  • primary phone number.

Customer Arrears Assistance Plan

If your account is unpaid and overdue, and you are struggling to make monthly payments in full, the Customer Arrears Assistance Plan (CAAP) can provide you with one easy-to-manage monthly payment. Under the CAAP, your monthly bill will consist of:

  • a monthly CAAP instalment for your overdue debt;
  • a monthly instalment for your consumption, as you will be enrolled in the Equal Payment Plan which divides your energy costs into equal monthly payments.

Contact us to determine if you are eligible for CAAP.

Additional financial support

Neighbours Helping Neighbours is a program that provides financial assistance to lower income individuals, families, and seniors who are unable to pay their energy bill due to personal hardship or crisis. Find out if you are eligible for a grant through the Neighbours Helping Neighbours program.

The Manitoba Rent Relief Fund may help eligible tenants pay their rent and utilities with an interest-free loan. Learn more about the Manitoba Rent Relief Fund.

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