Hot dig/safety watcher excavation permit

Only contractors with trained and qualified operators can apply for this permit.

Facilities electric and natural gas locates must be completed prior to request and be present on site. This permit application is for:

  • water/air excavations;
  • safety watcher (for qualified contractor only).

Incomplete applications will delay the approval process.

Step 1

Online application

Gather all required information and supporting documents before you start the online application.

You must have all of the following:

  • a Click Before You Dig MB ID number;
  • name of qualified hot dig/safety watcher who will perform the work;
  • work location details;
  • company contact information.

Apply for hot dig excavation permit

After you apply

Once you have submitted a complete application, we will assign someone to your project. They will contact you for any missing information, discuss project scope, excavation dates, complete the necessary agreements, and arrange on-site meetings.

Step 2


We will visit your work site on the excavation date. You must have the following documents on-site:

  • approved excavation permit;
  • Facilities Locate form (includes date and approver name of the safety hold off);
  • job plan.

Your certified hot dig operator/safety watcher must have their valid certification card and personal identification with them on-site.

If the excavation does not take place on the permit date, contact the Operating Authority to arrange an updated permit.