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Interconnecting electricity generation and transmission services tariffs

We operate an extensive electrical network within the province, and maintain interconnections with Saskatchewan, Ontario, North Dakota and Minnesota. We manage our transmission system following the open access requirements of our Standards of Conduct.

As we have exclusive authority for the transmission system in Manitoba, independent organizations inside and outside the province hold us accountable for its responsibilities and obligations. Some of these groups are:

  • Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO);
  • North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC);
  • Midwest Reliability Organization (MRO);
  • Manitoba Public Utilities Board (PUB);
  • Canada Energy Regulator (CER).

Manitoba Hydro has two tariffs – the Open Access Interconnection Tariff (OAIT) and the Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT). The tariffs include contracts, and rules and guidelines, and are used by many other North American electric utilities.

The OAIT and OATT guide interconnection to our electrical grid, and moving electricity (internally, import, export) over our transmission system.

Interconnection and your generated electricity

The OAIT specifies the terms and conditions for interconnecting new electricity generation, modifying an existing generating facility, or changing your interconnection service type.

We offer a preliminary meeting to discuss your OAIT, including the process, timeline, and requirements.

You are responsible for paying for any interconnection facilities and interconnection system upgrades. A deposit is required to proceed.

For generation projects less than 10 MW (AC), or a 25 kV or less connection to our grid, discuss your interconnection project with a Distributed Resources Interconnection Procedures Energy Services Advisor.

Transmission of your generated electricity

The OATT specifies the terms and conditions for using our transmission system to transport the electricity you generated for your own use, or import/export. The OATT calculates the amount for our transmission services using approved rates.

Your transmission system may be expanded or modified, depending on the availability of our transmission capacity.

OATT procedures include:

  • evaluating your request;
  • verifying transmission capacity;
  • developing the tariff rate design;
  • calculating our OATT transmission rates;
  • updating our OASIS information.

You are responsible for paying for any new transmission facilities. A deposit is required to proceed.

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