How to apply for commercial development pre-service

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Add electrical and/or natural gas pre-service for small to large business spaces. This service application is for commercial development of 2 or more lots.

Read all the steps before you start the application

The steps list your responsibilities and possible timelines.

We cannot process your request without all required information and documents.

Step 1

Online application

This step may take: 3–5 business days to process your completed application.

Gather all required information and supporting documents before you start the online application.

You must include all of the following:

  • legal business name and contact information;
  • development name, community planning number, and location;
  • number of lots to be pre-serviced (minimum 2 units);
  • electric and/or natural gas requirements;
  • proposed in-service date;
  • map of the lots to be pre-serviced;
  • site plan.

You must contact Bell MTS and the cable company directly to arrange for pre-servicing your development. If possible, we will coordinate with them to have all utilities installed in one trench.

Step 2

Estimate and agreements

This step may take: 20–60 days after we have received your completed application.

We will provide an estimate and service agreements for your project. If your application was incomplete in any way, there will be a delay in providing your estimates, and electrical and/or natural gas agreements.

The planning and design of your pre-serviced development starts after we have:

  • all the documents;
  • details;
  • signed agreements;
  • payments for your project.

Step 3

Planning and design

This step may take: 90–160 days depending on the scope of the work and any changes you request.

After we receive your signed agreements and payments, we will meet you on-site to review your project.

During this step, we will:

  • discuss the project completion date;
  • create a detailed design for your project;
  • request easement agreements;
  • order materials for construction.

You will sign off on any required drawings and agreements.

Step 4

Easements and approvals

This step may take: 60–120 days to request and sign off on easement agreements, depending on external approvals (agencies other than Manitoba Hydro).

Before any construction can be scheduled:

  • we will request any easement agreements;
  • you will sign off on the easement agreements and any required drawings.

As easements are registered and approved by other entities, we are not responsible for any delays.

Step 5

Site preparation and construction

This step may take: 30–160 days depending on scope of work and site condition.

After the design plan is complete and any easements have been registered, we will inspect your site for readiness and contact Click Before You Dig MB and other utilities before we begin construction.

The site must:

  • have a final grade of ± 6″;
  • have all trees, equipment, and garbage removed from construction area.

Step 6

Pre-servicing completed

Your pre-serviced development is ready for the builder/lot owner to request services to the building. Each builder/lot owner will be required to submit a commercial service application to obtain services.

Apply for pre-service

After you apply

Once you have submitted a complete application, we will assign someone to your project. They will contact you for any missing information, discuss project scope, service dates, and arrange on-site meetings.

They may request your complete AutoCAD files (.DWG), which include a site plan, subdivision lot lines, roadways, building layout, parking layout, sewer and water details, and grading.

If you do not have an established account history, a security deposit may be required.

Help with your application for service

For help with your application, contact us:

Commercial development pre-service

Arborg area

Ashern, Fisher Branch, Gimli, Lundar, St. Martin
Garett Ancelin — cell 1-204-795-3424

Brandon area

Carberry, Souris
Patrick Picard — office 1-204-727-9367 or cell 1-431-276-0936

Dauphin area

Gilbert Plains, Grandview, McCreary, Ste. Rose, Winnipegosis
Nick Ogryzlo — office 1-204-629-3113 or cell 1-204-638-0014

Killarney area

Boissevain, Glenboro, Pilot Mound
Patrick Picard — office 1-204-727-9367 or cell 1-431-276-0936

Lac du Bonnet area

Big Whiteshell Lake, Elma, Seven Sisters
Gord Meneer — office 1-204-326-0486 or cell 1-204-371-5487

Beausejour, Powerview
Chad Zelenitsky — cell 1-204-451-7149

Morden area

Winkler, Morden, Manitou, Somerset, Altona, Morris
Scott Helm — office 1-204-822-2119 or cell 1-431-349-1025

Winkler, Carman, Rosenort, Morris
Scott Unrau – cell 1-431-335-4831

Neepawa area

Erickson, Gladstone, Minnedosa
Kelly Wilson — office 1-204-476-7745 or cell 1-204-724-8419

Portage la Prairie area

Austin, Elie, MacGregor, Treherne
Brian Rushinka — office 1-204-727-9243 or cell 1-204-570-2496

Russell area

Binscarth, Roblin
Nick Ogryzlo — office 1-204-629-3113 or cell 1-204-638-0014

Birtle, Foxwarren, St. Lazare, Shoal Lake, Strathclair
Kelly Wilson — office 1-204-476-7745 or cell 1-204-724-8419

Selkirk area

Selkirk East, Lac Du Bonnet, Beausejour, Berens River
Chad Zelenitsky — cell 1-204-451-7149

Selkirk West, Stony Mountain, Stonewall
Garett Ancelin — cell 1-204-795-3424

Steinbach area

Steinbach West, Niverville, St. Pierre-Jolys
Blake Penner — cell 1-204-485-5798

Steinbach East, Falcon Lake, La Broquerie, Piney, Ste. Anne
Gord Meneer - office 1-204-326-0486 or cell 1-204-371-5487

Swan River area

Benito, Birch River, Bowsman, Minitonas
Don Washenfelder — office 1-204-623-9508 or cell 1-204-620-2099

The Pas area

Flin Flon, Grand Rapids, Snow Lake
Don Washenfelder — office 1-204-623-9508 or cell 1-204-620-2099

Thompson area

Cross Lake, Gods Lake Narrow, Island Lake, Norway House
Warren Palta — cell 1-204-583-5084

Churchill, Gillam, Leaf Rapids, Lynn Lake
Les McIvor — office 1-204-778-0134 or cell 1-204-307-0313

Virden area

Melita, Reston, Hartney
Dean Fenwick – cell 1-204 -901-3477

Winnipeg and surrounding area

City Centre area (Winnipeg north – west, electric)

Centre Port, Keewatin, Osborne Village
Kyle Forrest — cell 1-431-276-4097

Fort Garry area (Winnipeg southwest, electric)

La Salle, Oak Bluff, Headingly, Sanford, Starbuck
Katie Lund — cell 1-431-373-7190

St. Boniface area (Winnipeg east, electric)

East St. Paul, Oakbank, Lorette, Ile des Chenes, Dugald, Anola
Anthony Willems — cell 1-204-371-2672

Commercial natural gas – north of Assiniboine River and west of the Red River

Brandon, Portage la Prairie
Justin Morris – cell 1-204-583-6654

Commercial natural gas – south of the Assiniboine River and east of the Red River

Morden, Steinbach, Carman
Ron Rivera — cell 1-204-914-1531

Additional help

If you have additional concerns or questions about your project, service application, or the service process, contact:

Energy Services Supervisor - Winnipeg
Winnipeg, Eastman areas
Tim Loeb — cell 1-204-791-2822

Energy Services Supervisor - Rural
South Central, Parkland West, Eastman and Interlake North areas
Jennifer Ferguson — cell 1-204-821-3981

Customer Energy Services Department Manager
Trevor Buchberger — office 1-204-360-4015 or cell 1-204-801-0871

Director Sales/Marketing & Product Development
Colleen Galbraith — office 1-204-360-7506 or cell 1-204-470-4636