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Understand and manage your natural gas bill

Your natural gas bill increases and decreases primarily for 2 reasons – the weather and changes in the market price of natural gas.

  • As it gets colder, you use more natural gas to heat your home or business.
  • The market price we pay for natural gas can change throughout the year, and Manitoba Hydro adjusts its Primary Gas rates every 3 months (February, May, August, and November) to account for these changes.

You can reduce your natural gas use and lower your bills by being energy efficient:

The most effective way of budgeting and levelling out your natural gas bills is to enrol in the Equal Payment Plan.

Your monthly natural gas bill includes several components and charges:

  • Primary Gas: The natural gas received from western Canada. During a normal weather year, Primary Gas represents approximately 94% of a customer’s annual natural gas use. It can be purchased:
    • on an unregulated basis from a natural gas marketer (Primary Gas is the only component of natural gas service that natural gas marketers can provide);
    • from Manitoba Hydro at rates regulated by the Public Utilities Board.
    The price that Manitoba Hydro pays for our Primary Gas supply is passed directly on to the customer without any markup.
  • Supplemental Gas: Natural gas that we purchase to ensure supply is available when demand is higher than normal. This usually represents approximately 6% of a customer’s annual natural gas use, but does fluctuate during warmer- or colder-than-normal years.
  • Transportation to Centra Gas (Manitoba Hydro): The cost of transporting natural gas to Manitoba. It includes pipeline charges and the cost of storage facilities where we store natural gas purchased in the summer for use in the winter.
  • Distribution to customer: The cost of delivering natural gas to a customer’s home or business. It includes the cost of pipe and facilities, as well as the operation and maintenance costs for the distribution system and a small cost component related to unaccounted-for gas. A portion of these costs is recovered through the Basic Monthly Charge.
  • Basic Monthly Charge: Pays a portion of the cost of providing dependable natural gas service and does not depend on how much natural gas a customer uses. It helps to pay for things like the maintenance of meters and underground pipelines, the cost of meter reading, and billing and record keeping.
  • Billing Percentages: Show how much your gas consumption was Primary Gas and how much was Supplemental Gas. The combined Primary and Supplemental billing percentages will always total 100%. These percentages are subject to change to reflect how much of each type of supply is actually purchased. For example, the August 1, 2022 billing percentages are 51% Primary and 49% Supplemental for Firm customers, and 91% Primary and 9% Supplemental for Interruptible customers.

Customers who use High Volume Firm Service, Mainline Firm Service, or Interruptible Service will have Demand Transportation and Demand Distribution charges in addition to these bill components.

Centra Gas Manitoba Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro. Centra’s rates and terms of service are regulated and approved by the Public Utilities Board (PUB).