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How to read your bill

Your Hydro bill is split into sections. Here is what you will see.

Example graphic showing the cycle number in the account summary section on your bill.
  1. Your cycle number, which is an internal code used to determine your meter reading and billing period.
Example graphic showing the account summary section on your bill.
  1. Your previous balance and payments received.
  2. Charges for the new billing period.
  3. The date payment is due.
Example graphic of the electricity charges section and natural gas charges section of your bill.
  1. Breakdown of your electricity charges.
  2. Breakdown of your natural gas charges.
  3. New federal carbon charge, effective April 1, 2019.
    Learn more about the federal carbon charge.
Example graphic of the Equal Payments Plan section and consumption history section of your bill.
  1. Equal Payment Plan (EPP), which shows the EPP installments billed, actual charges based on usage, and the difference between the two. The difference is balanced in the month displayed as the end of the EPP year.
    Learn more about the Equal Payment Plan.
  2. Consumption history, which shows a usage comparison between the current and previous year based on meter readings.