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If you are moving, you can provide us with your moving details at any time. Whether you own or rent, if you are responsible for paying the energy bills, this is what you should know before moving day:

  • Homeowners are billed until the new owner’s legal possession date.
  • Renters who pay energy bills are responsible for payment until the date they return their keys to the property owner, even if that date is before their lease is up.
  • Property owners are billed for natural gas and electricity while the rental unit is vacant.
  • All adults (spouses or roommates) who pay the energy bills should have their names included on the account, and the account information should be current.
  • You may have to provide a security deposit.
  • If you are an existing customer, your account number will change when you move. If you pay your bill online or by phone, remember to update your new account number with the bank.
  • If you’re moving out-of-province and applying for services with another utility, you may need to request a credit reference letter.

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Your bill will be more accurate if you submit your final or initial natural gas and electricity meter readings.

Update your contact information all at one time with us, Manitoba Health, and City of Winnipeg Water and Waste at Manitoba Address Change.


Register your rental property online, view estimated Equal Payment Plan (EPP) amounts and disconnections, initiate move-in and move-out information, and enter final and initial meter readings with Landlord Express.