Starting service as a new customer

Starting service as a new customer.

Whether you’re new to the province or moving out for the first time, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll cover the basics on how to open a Manitoba Hydro account, your responsibilities once you become an account holder, and how long the entire process takes to set up a new account.

Getting started

On your possession date, submit a start service request and create an online account. The process takes around five minutes, and you’ll receive a moving confirmation email once complete.

You may also have to pay a security deposit. You can avoid this deposit by signing up for our Pre-authorized Payment Plan or if you’re coming from another province, you can provide a credit reference letter from another utility after your account has been set up.

Submitting your first meter reading

On your possession date, locate your meter(s). Your property will have an electricity meter and possibly a natural gas one too. They’re typically found outside your home but could also be inside. Each home is different, and this is a great question to ask your landlord or realtor upon possession. If you’re moving to an apartment or condo, you may need to contact your property manager for meter access.

Find the numbers listed on your meter(s) and take a picture. Your billing cycle will begin on your possession date, and reading your meter ensures your first bill is accurate and you aren’t being charged for the previous owner’s energy use.

Because you won’t have an account number at this point, you can submit your initial reading on the website or by using the link in your moving confirmation email. Going forward, your meter reading will be estimated every other month but you can choose to submit a meter reading instead to help make your bill more accurate. You can submit meter readings through your online account or the Manitoba Hydro app.

Processing your account

It may take up to 14 days (about two weeks) after your possession date for us to process your move. We’ll email you when your account number is ready, and your online account will automatically update with all your information. You’ll know your move is processed once you get a confirmation email from us. Once you get that email, make sure your meter reading and contact information are correct and set up any notifications you may want.

Getting your first bill

You’ll get a bill every month for your usage, broken down into electricity and natural gas. Since your bill is based on usage, it’s important to keep up with meter readings to ensure accuracy.