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Sidewall vents

Sidewall vents are common in high efficiency natural gas furnace and water heating installations. Keep the area around these vents clear year-round for safe operation of the equipment.

If you notice an ice build-up on any part of the natural gas meter, do not try to remove it by kicking or hitting the meter or piping. Contact us in Winnipeg at 204-480-5900 or toll-free 1-888-624-9376.

Inside your home, check your furnace filter at least every three months and replace it or clean it if it’s a reusable filter. If there are pets or smokers in the home, you may need to check the filter more often.

And keep the area around the furnace, water heater or other natural gas appliances clear of any materials that could catch fire; like cleaning products, cardboard boxes, paper, paints, solvents, glues, pressurized containers and gasoline-powered equipment.

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