A message to honour the 215 children

This article was published in May 2021 and may be outdated.

Last week, our country was presented with a devastating reminder of the destruction caused by residential schools to Indigenous peoples and communities.

The discovery of 215 children’s remains in a mass grave at the site of a former residential school in British Columbia is impossible to fathom.

Each of those children had a family and came from a community, who mourned their loss. A loss of a child that began when they were removed from their homes. A loss that grew heavier every day that child did not return home. A loss that will continue to carry forward for all families, communities, and residential school survivors, as we still have much work to do to right this historic wrong.

Today, we as a country, mourn with them.

At Manitoba Hydro, our flags have been lowered to honour the memory of the 215 children. We have postponed our Indigenous Awareness Week events scheduled to begin June 1, to acknowledge this national time of mourning, and provide space for grieving, to pay respects, or to take the time to process this devastating news.

Jay Grewal
President & CEO
Manitoba Hydro

Jeff Betker
External & Indigenous Relations and Communications
Manitoba Hydro