Get a $30 rebate for your old working fridge or freezer

This article was published in March 2022 and may be outdated.

There are thousands of old and inefficient fridges and freezers still being used in Manitoba homes. These older appliances are usually plugged-in in basements or garages and are often nearly empty.

Efficiency Manitoba offers the Appliance Recycling Program to help you save energy and money by removing and recycling qualifying fridges and freezers – and you’ll get a $30 rebate for each one you recycle. Not only will you save money on your energy bill, your appliance will also be recycled responsibly.

What’s accepted?

Efficiency Manitoba accepts up to three working full-sized fridges and/or freezers per household. The Appliance Recycling Program is available to all residential customers in single-family residences and condos throughout Manitoba.

When you recycle an eligible full-sized fridge and/or freezer, other unused appliances, such as a working dehumidifier, window air conditioner, undersized (bar-sized) fridge, and/or undersized freezer, can also be picked up. These appliances aren’t eligible for a rebate but can be removed and recycled at no cost to you.

Only working full-sized fridges or freezers qualify for a rebate through the program. Removing an appliance that no longer works doesn’t result in any energy savings, which are required to achieve the electricity savings targets that the program is designed to contribute to.

The Appliance Recycling Program is delivered through PureSphera Recovery and Recycling.

Book your pick-up today. Visit the appliance recycling program at Efficiency Manitoba or call 1-844-944-8181.