Save on your heating costs

When you get home from spending time outside in the crisp fall air, you’ll want a warm and cozy space to welcome you. By following these energy-saving tips, your home will be ready for cooler outdoor weather — and you’ll save on heating costs. And Efficiency Manitoba has programs and rebates that can help you save even more.

Keep warm air in

  • Install weatherstripping, caulking, and gaskets around doors, windows, and electrical outlets to reduce air leakage and save energy.
  • Install ENERGY STAR® certified high-performance windows and doors to reduce heat loss.
  • As a low-cost alternative to upgrading your windows, install an insulating kit on the interior sides of the windows. This results in energy savings and can reduce condensation buildup on windows.
  • Insulate an unfinished basement and add attic insulation in a pre-1999 home to keep warm air in and stay comfortable.
  • If you have a wood fireplace, make sure the damper is closed when you’re not using your fireplace. That way, warm air won’t escape through your chimney. Don’t forget to open it when you light your next fire.

Get instant rebates on weatherstripping, window and door insulating kits, and other energy-efficient products at participating retailers until Nov. 10, 2022. Visit Efficiency Manitoba’s website for more instant rebate details.

Adjust accordingly

  • Turn your thermostat down at night and when you’re not at home. In the winter, lower the temperature by 3°C or more for at least eight hours a day to save up to 4% on heating costs.
  • Consider buying a smart thermostat. It can be controlled remotely to set and adjust the air temperature of your home. It can also learn from your behaviour and will adjust the temperature depending on if you’re home or not.
  • If you have a standard-efficiency natural gas furnace, consider replacing it with a new high-efficiency model that will use less energy and cost you less in the long term.

Maintenance is key

  • Schedule regular maintenance for your heating and cooling equipment. Your equipment will last longer and run more efficiently.
  • Change your furnace air filter every three months.
  • Clean the exterior air intake vent on your furnace.

Efficiency Manitoba also offers rebates on air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.

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