Your natural gas bill is changing

We’re making things easier

This article was published in October 2022 and may be outdated.

We’re making it easier for you to understand your natural gas bill starting November 1, 2022.

The changes only affect how your bill looks — not what you pay for natural gas.

Our research found many customers did not understand the different rates that made up their natural gas bill. We also looked at the gas bills of other Canadian gas utilities — their bills had fewer rate categories and were simpler to read. We also reviewed these changes with the Public Utilities Board and stakeholders.

What will you see?

Your old bill had five natural gas rates. We’re simplifying your new bill by reducing the number of rates to three: Basic Charge, Gas Commodity, and Delivery.

We’re simplifying your natural gas bill by reducing the number of rates to three from five.

Here’s an explanation of the natural gas rates that will appear on your bill:

  • Basic Charge — the fixed charge that helps pay for services like meter maintenance, meter reading, billing, and record keeping. The Basic Charge is not changing.
  • Gas Commodity — the natural gas we (or your independent natural gas marketer) buy on your behalf. This cost is passed on to you without markup – you pay what we pay. The Gas Commodity rate replaces the previous Primary Gas and Supplemental Gas rates.
  • Delivery — the cost to deliver natural gas to your home or business. The Delivery rate combines the previous Transportation to Centra and Distribution to Customer rates.

See your natural gas bill for what the changes look like.

Questions? Please see How to read your bill for more information.